Born and raised in California.

From the heart of Central Valley Daisyanne had moved from country to city. Daisyanne is very passionate about the nail industry and loves meeting new people. Daisyanne would always be doing friends’ and family’s nails and still continues to do so. Daisyanne is continually pushing herself to become a better manicurist to fit her clients’ needs by attending nail shows in various states as long as attending demos hosted by OPI and light elegance. Continuing education is key in Daisyanne’s career so she can bring you the latest trends and care through her services She has to offer which vary from formal and beautiful to glitz and glam by adding glitter or Swarovski Crystals to your nails. Wanting to relax? I specialize in OPI Spa Manicure and pedicure including Gel Overlay. I got you covered! I can’t wait to meet you at Spirals! XOXO Daisyanne

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